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Hello there friend! Thank you so much for stopping by- I so appreciate having you here but wanted to let you know that since the beginning of 2014 we have moved to

I hope that you will click HERE and and once you are on the new blogsite you would add it to your favorite browser. That way you can always find the new blog easily as we will no longer be updating this blog. Hope to see you on the new and improved blog!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

We have moved!!

Hello there friend!  Thank you so much for stopping by- I so appreciate having you here but wanted to let you know that since the beginning of 2014 we have moved to  

I hope that you will click HERE and and once you are on the new blogsite you would add it to your favorite browser. That way you can always find the new blog easily as we will no longer be updating this blog.  Hope to see you on the new and improved blog!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Seniors // George Fox University Graduate // College Senior Portraits

I am almost certain that this girl and I were separated at birth….. well, you have to ignore the age difference but you know…

She is a dreamer. 
She lives with passion.  
Regardless of what others may say, she is confident in who God has made her to be and OWNS IT! Whatever her adventure may be!

She has a heart for travel and rests in where God places her.  To quote her "I have come to realize and accept that God has perfect timing. I need to let go of my worries and live the life that God has planned for me." (ummm…. love her!)
Her adventures this year alone consisted of traveling through small villages in Ecuador, sailing (and snorkeling) in the Galapagos Islands, Piranha fishing in The Amazon, Biking The Andes, living in Milan (ummmm…. having a total jealous moment as I type that!), sipping coffee and enjoying Mango gelato in Camogli Italy (as in Holy Camogli), walking the streets of Florence and Rome with camera in hand (I must remember that jealousy is not becoming!) and the list goes on and on I tell you!  
Needless to say, I was beyond honored when she asked me to document her passions with my camera. And allowed my sweet Naomi to come along to experience this little adventure. True to her free spirit she didn't want the area scoped out or anything. She just wanted to get in the car and chase the light through the area she grew up in.  So we did just that.  Three girls who love Jesus and fun and light.  It made the perfect summer afternoon.

Stopping at an old bridge she loved, playing among the the local fishing grounds, stopping at a local farm and playing with the barn cat, and of course getting out the Disney ears that are a treasure to her.  She is a Disney FREAK.... only a fellow freak can say that, just so you know! 
As if this year didn't have enough crazy amazing adventures, she just got news she was accepted as a Disney intern to complete her big dreams. {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} As I told her there are simply not enough exclamation marks in the world for these news!
I can't wait to see what God has in store for you Tiffany! Yes, keep trusting and walking with God.  Ignore the nay sayers.  In life there will be many who try to little your dreams and your ways. The times aren't always perfect and without turmoil but his plans are good.  Very good.  Focus on HIM.  

SO MUCH love to you big dreamer you!

Friday, July 5, 2013

High School Senior // Tillamook High School Class of 2014 // Carly

I am getting so excited for our 2014 Senior Season!!  We officially started booking 2014 Seniors this month and it's so great to see so many planners this year!  These seniors, and their families will not regret getting these done in the summer because any senior will tell you that Senior year is busy!  Sure right now it seems the yearbook deadline is months away but as soon as school gets back in session with classes, sports and looking at colleague planning all needing great care and attention there is little time to plan a session. Not to mention that booking early, we are able to take full advantage of this amazing summer weather!

Carly's mom contacted me a few months back and booked Carly's session for June.  It was the last week of her Junior year that we sat down for lunch and planned her custom session.  Carly came prepared with ideas and a direction which I loved.  It is my pleasure to showcase her today.

I want to personally thank Erin Schwend for a wonderful job with Carly's hair and Cindy at Sunflower Flats for the gorgeous floral crown.  Curly willow, dusty miller greens with daisy poms were perfect for this delicate setting! 
Carly had dreamed up this session with the vintage bike and old time feel.  Of course with a two hour shoot we were able to do several different locations and outfits.  Including this tree in which she has fond memories of summer time sun, feet in the creek and childhood laughter.
She also wanted to incorporate this old barn down the road from her house and so all together we did three different locations.  Photographer fun let me tell ya!! 
Carly, you are stunning.  I am so happy to have met you and cannot wait for fall and your City Session!!!!!  eeeeeek!  Until then girlie! :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bonds of time // Brown extended family session

This has been the month of extended family sessions!  This was a fun nautical shoot to incorporate the boat and sea that has so much to do with this family.  Joe being on the ocean most days on his beloved Siggi-G.  
We spent our time on the docks showcasing the love each couple is blessed with and of course the love they shower these sweet babies with!  
All in all it was the perfect Nautical session!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Newborn // A little newborn

A few weeks ago I got a text that this little guy had made his debut. A little early!  His actual due date was estimated for this week so I was actually expecting to photograph him after I returned from vacation.  He had other plans.  He came three weeks early but his family thank God that he is healthy as healthy can be!  

In fact he is a strong little guy.  Although he slept the entire time of his shoot he also was a bit opinionated about his head position.  I posed him several times only to have him pick his head straight up and rearrange himself!  But what a great thing that was to see!! :)
I am so excited to watch him grow as I get to document his entire first year!  Thank you Mychal and Jessica for entrusting me with this wonderful task.  I am so looking to it but at the same time for your sake hope this year goes by slowly! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bonds of Time // Hopkes extended family session

Kim and I planned this shoot almost a year ago.  Due to life and sports and our coastal weather we had to reschedule not once, not twice but three times.  BUT we finally got it on the books and completed and what a session it was!  
These guys gave me a glimpse of what Thanksgiving dinner is like at their house.  Plenty of jokes, pranks and laughter and tons of love to go around.  
And this girl....simply gorgeous!!
Of course we had to include the truck for Adam and Melanie.... well, more for Adam! ;)
Hopkes, it was a true pleasure getting to make you smile and laughing right alongside you all.  You have been a blessing to work with and I can't wait till next time!!! Much love to you all ~Xiomara

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Stories // Friends, sand, a coastal camping trip and two love stories

Meet Danielle and Drew.  And Meagan and Zach.  Two sweet love stories.  Meagan saw that I photographed her cousin's love story and decided on the spot that she needed her love story documented as well.  Then enters her friend Danielle who also thought this was a great idea.  These guys are not married.  They are not engaged- but they are in love.  Young and still finishing up college but still wanting to document their every day love. 

They traveled from Washington and made a weekend trip just to get their photos done.  I was so humbled and felt so honored! It was my pleasure getting to know them among the sand, the rocky beach and seeing their youthful zest for life on display.  

Danielle, Drew, Meagan and Zach, thank you so much for letting me document your young love and being so relaxed with a complete stranger!  You guys were so fun and I can't wait to see your love grow and develop.  Best of luck to all of you ~ Xiomara

Monday, June 24, 2013

Children // Little Dairy Farmer David

A few weeks ago I got to document a sweet little two year old farmer.  We met at the barn.  Yes, that same glorious red barn where his daddy cares for the calves- and he helps at his side.  
We began at the front of the barn in a little custom chair the pastor made for my sweet little children-clients.  I think David liked it! 
We couldn't keep him in that location for very long though because he knew his calves were waiting for him. Apparently they needed him to give them grain! :)  Once inside he loved on them and cared for them just like he has seen his daddy do.  
We had a great little shoot that seemed more like a play-date at the barn for him and that was just fine by me!  
His mommy took this opportunity to arrange a wonderful keepsake for her husband.  And I know his family was touched by this as well.  For you see, this farm has been farmed for many generations by this family.  Passed from one to the next.  And Vo-vo David has forever left a big impact in this family's life. And will continue to onto the next.   This image tells the story more than my words ever could.   
Sadie, thank you so much for continuing to entrust me with these tender moments for your family.  I am honored  ~Xiomara

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