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Sunday, February 22, 2009

When I first started in the photographic business, I had so much to learn- specially in regards to a Lab. I tried two different ones (with terrible outcomes!) and finally settled with the third due to their quality and great customer service.
My lab is based in Iowa. Now this may seem like a down side at times- for one I cannot pick up my order on the same day BUT they do have overnight service for those clients that need rush orders. Another down side is that I cannot personally talk to a sales rep but on the other hand I can always email or even call my sales rep directly. Two down sides isn't bad! Especially when you count the many good sides.... for example the variety of size prints, cards, mounts and finishes that they offer. Not to mention their speedy service. Most importantly, though I chose them because of their high paper quality. After all, when you hire me to photograph your family I am creating a keepsake that must last for generations to come. You are making an investment in preserving fleeting moments and stages in life. You seek the best therefor I also must seek the same. That in a nutshell explains my lab choice.
Now you may be wondering why I'm talking up my lab. Well, it just so happends that once again they made me happy to have chosen them. They just sent me a notice of a 'big print special'. Any print 16x20 or larger is offered at a significant discount through the month of March. I choose to pass on this discount to you as well. So.... call to place your large print order! ANY large print (past photo shoots, current photo shoots and even prints from the art gallery store) are 25% off! And don't forget that all large prints are mounted on dry mount board and luster sprayed so all you have to do is find a frame!


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