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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Belly Cast Session

With backdrops chosen, cast purchased and a date set, both Nicole and I were looking forward to her maternity session. Baby Van apparently had other plans, as Nicole was hospitalized and placed on bed rest weeks before Van's scheduled date for arrival. Sadly, we could not go through with the maternity shoot but I didn't want Nicole to miss out and not have her belly casted. I packed my equipment and headed to the hospital to cast her belly. Upon arrival, the nurses were kind but looked at me like I was a crazy person. "Why would anyone cast their belly?" I felt their eyes ask. I so wish that every mother had the opportunity to be able to freeze that special tender moment in time. Imagine showing your 3, 8, 18 year old just how tiny they once were in their little cocoon of a womb.

How special it is for us that have been blessed to carry our dear children in our wombs, nurturing them to a healthy beginning. Our bodies endure many changes, some wonderful, some we would never want to recall! But how many of us who have had the privilege to carry, love and nourish our children in our wombs wouldn't love to have a little of that time back in our hands? Casting preserves this moment in time. It allows you to forever capture that miraculous change and growth that your body endured to bring into this world your most treasured possessions. I for one, loved and forever will treasure that time in my life. Maybe that is the reason why I am so passionate about my own clients' memories.

Back to the reason of this blog..... Little Baby Van. As his loving family awaits his arrival-- Nicole taking it easy to make sure he arrives closest to his due date! I am anxiously awaiting him as well to capture his unique first portrait, inside his little cocoon. I await anxiously and count it such a privilege to be able to share this special time with his family. From the bottom of my heart- Thank you Ralph and Nicole!


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