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Monday, March 30, 2009

Downtown Portland

"Oh to be young again!" went through my head as I drove home today from a senior photo shoot in Downtown Portland. To have the enthusiasm, energy and adventure-- to take a risk just to try something new. In my mind I concluded that the next best thing to going back in time is enjoying life with young people. I realize as I write this that some of you who know me will laugh and know that I am not that old to have a right to say such a thing but after photographing energetic 18 year olds for 5 hours straight I can tell ya.... I feel very old tonight- or maybe just sleep deprived!
Anyhow, it was a blast- Thank you Katie and Maddy. You ladies were so much fun to hang out with. It felt like a great girls day out rather than work to me =). After our tour of the waterfront, Natto parkway, the industrial area and the cultural district we ended up with many, many beautiful images and I am sure you are wanting to see just a little sneak peak into the finalized products so without further ado.....




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