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Friday, June 19, 2009

Apparently it's so easy even a cavemen can do it. But why can't I? I started this blog with such excitement. It thrilled me to be able to write about the happenings both with the studio and my daily busyness of being married to a pastor and all the things in between. I recently have come to find the answer-- and it was there all along.... I cannot do everything. Or is it I cannot do everything well if I am doing it all? Whatever it is, you must know three things about me. One: I'm a go getter. Two: I am a perfectionist. Three: I am passionate.

I think that those three combine are great qualities! BUT, I am learning to not always be in pursuit of all three..... at the same time at least!
Since my last post I've had birthday parties to attend, a women's tea to help organize, An AWANA party (with 100 people to feed), Musicals to attend, Dinner guests to entertain, field trips to chaperon, many trips into Portland for doctors, communion bread to bake, end of school parties to help at, kid's recitals, shopping for kid's recitals, baseball season (need I say more?!) all this on top of my regular craziness and running the studio.

I am not complaining.... I love, love, LOOOOVE my life! I wouldn't have it any other way. BUT I am learning that I may run a little late- and it's okay. I may forget to prepare dessert for guests... and it's okay to go buy one! I won't go as far as "the dishes will have to wait". That's just not me. I am and always will be a clean freak. I will do the dishes, and scrub the bathroom even if it's at 1:30 am. and that will get done. Blogging... well that hasn't been done and that too is okay.... as long as I check in every once in awhile. LOL =)


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