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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beauty in sickness and in health

It is hard to see beauty when you are in a dark place. This week I have literally seen this as I have layed discouraged in my dark room due to eye discomfort. And no, I don't mean "darkroom" I mean a depressing dark bedroom =(.

Let me start at the beginning. A couple of weeks ago I woke up "looking like an alien" to quote my 8 year old! Both of my eyes were blood shot to put it mildly. My doc took a culture sample (by poking me in the eye...ouch!). It came back as "nothing". It was obvious something was going on so I was sent to the ophthalmologist that comes to town once every other week. Turns out I have Limbal Keratitis.... whatever that means! Basically all I know is that it is a 'condition' caused by contact wear. Apparently I outgrew my contacts and have lesions in my eye due to that simple fact. The three (yes 3) pharmacies in town didn't have the prescription to treat this so I waited in pain. Today, after almost two weeks since the onset of this condition, I finally am getting some meds so I pray I will be back to health soon. I was told it will take a week to feel better and then 3 additional weeks to fully recover.

This week has been depressing for two reasons. One, this has been Vacation Bible School week at our church. I have worked on VBS since April as it takes me a long time to organize such a huge event on top of everything else I do. VBS is something I love doing. Have loved doing it since Josh and I started in ministry. But this year has been different. I haven't felt well. I actually have been sleeping 14-16 hours a day... yuck! I have missed two days but hope to be able to go tomorrow, since it will be my last chance this year.
Reason number two; I haven't been able to use my camera. On top of not feeling up to it, one can easily get depressed laying in a dark room all day long. It's hard to see beauty when you are emotionally exhausted.

This is where my beautiful family comes in....
My husband has been caring for our kids this whole time. He has kept up with the laundry and even has prepared healthy meals for us all to enjoy. Last night I woke up to a clean house. Bathroom, kitchen and all.... even our wood pieces were polished! What a man!! Then this afternoon my daughter brought me a get better balloon she drew herself. How can one not see beauty in that?! I picked up my camera today. Knowing I am blessed beyond measure and THAT alone is beauty worth capturing.


  1. So sorry you had to deal with that.

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