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Friday, September 11, 2009

Life Seasons

I know I promised to blog about our family vacation but life just keeps going and going- I cant make it stop! (let me know if you find a pause button!)

This week my eight year old officially became a third grader and next Monday my 6 year old will be starting Kindergarten.... Where did the time go?! I still remember when they needed me for feedings, holdings and even the dreaded diapering. I remember wishing that the day of Independence would come quickly. Now I find myself declaring how foolish I must have been, for that time is gone- forever.

Life seasons are a fact of living. I am enjoying the season my children are in right now. The making of forts, writing their own piano music, seeing the light come on as they learn something new, making art, collecting all sorts of bugs (that one I enjoy less). But I do reminisce on yesterday as I am sure I will reminisce years from now on today.

Until then I choose to love and cherish my little kiddos. I will still read to them stories, sing with them songs, continue playing our "I have a secret game" in which I whisper "I love you" when they come close to hear it. I will continue baking. Something I have done with them since they were able to sit on the counter. I don't do it often but when I do it, it is a special treat for all of us because it's not just baking. It's spending time with each other. Joking, laughing through the mess of it all.

*scanned images from the film era ;-)

Today, Jesse is off at school and it is Naomi's last week with me at home full time- at least till next summer time. This is overwhelming to me. I know my kiddos will do great with these changes... the question is; will I?


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