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Monday, January 25, 2010

"I will say of the Lord, he's my refuge and my fortress. MY GOD, in him I will trust." Our memory verse this week at the hospital

My daughter has been complaining of tummy aches for several weeks. Thinking it was nothing, we just treated it like an ordinary tummy ache. She then developed a fever that carried on for several days. Saturday morning things looked a little worse so I contacted the advise nurse in town (I won't name drop!) the on-call Dr. thought it was nothing major just a bug. I called our Pediatrician's office in Portland and they didn't think it was 'nothing' in fact they suggested I bring her to Doernbecker.

After blood work, xrays, an ultra-sound and a CT scan they were able to diagnose the issue. She has an infection in a urachal cyst in her abdomen. Needless to say we had no idea she had this cyst but apparently she has had it since birth. She underwent surgery Sunday Morning and is recovering now. She is being watched carefully by a wonderful crew of surgeons and is receiving excellent care-- as well as being spoiled rotten with every juice imaginable, books and animals =).

We will be here until the cyst is drained to the satisfaction of the surgeon. This could be as early as tomorrow or as late as the end of the week. She still has some time to recover from this and then come back to remove the cyst all together in a couple of months.

I thank the Lord for always paving the way for Naomi's care. His provision of comfort, peace and support through our church families, our VM family, and even through you who follow me through my business and online life =) Thank you for your continued prayers.

I wanted to take this time, also to thank you all for your calls, emails, and texts (although I do not have my phone my husband tells me it has reached it's memory limit- please know I appreciate them but I cannot get them or return to you.) For my wonderful clients whose orders are on hold and for those of you who are willing to reschedule your appointment I cannot begin to tell how great a gift you are giving us to be able to focus solely on our daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. told me this morning of Naomi! We will be praying!!

  2. We're praying for healing for Naomi & strength for the rest of you too.


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