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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let me get you caught up in one (long) paragraph:

Mission's conference with the hubby in Arizona was wonderful- We flew to Phoenix on Thursday, flew back on a Monday, Daughter had surgery the next day. Then we spent the rest of the week in the hospital. My husband left for a Youth conference with our Youth Group kids on Friday and didn't return till late Sunday so we were resting at the house just the kids and I.... I missed him so much with all that had been going on I have been running on fumes emotionally. BUT... My daughter is AMAZING and handled this surgery with grace and strength beyond her 6 year which makes it easier on me when I see her coping well. She is now back to her normal routine and spunky self! She still needs to take it easy for the next two weeks but is doing better than I had expected. All in all everything is back to normal but our schedules don't seem to slow down any. We go from one thing to the next around here! Hubby is back to work and has taken on additional duties so his days are more jam packed than normal. I am now back to work also- today is my first day back! I have so much to blog about. The sessions I have not shared with you yet are amazing and the upcoming stuff this spring is phenomenal so without further delay, I better get back to work!


  1. I hope you all get rested up soon. I'm glad to hear Naomi is doing so well. Have been thinking of you guys.

  2. thanks Jenn. I am just looking forward to another family vacation! =)


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