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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{High School Senior Photography}

16 years old and a High School Senior.  Yup. That's Breanne.  A natural beauty with natural instinct.  Her confidence just shines!  She knows what she needs to do and works hard to accomplish it.  Period.  No messing around with her.  Which I love! That is how she ended up being able to graduate a couple of years ahead of her class with some nice collegue credits to boot.  Her year has been busy to say the least but she has managed to reach her goals and soon will be heading off to college.

It was my pleasure to meet her over coffee to plan her session and get to know her.  She knew exactly what she wanted then too!  We mapped out the location and day as she was clear on what she wanted.  Beach.  Woods.  Trails.  But most of all she wanted to keep things simple.  You gotta love a girl with a plan!

On the day of the shoot I brought Stephanie (she is doing her Junior Career Assesment with me)  along so that she could see what a senior session consists of.  Once we hit the beach we three were having such a blast just enjoying the day.  A woman stopped me and asked if I would photograph her and her son using their camera.  I did and then continued photograhing Breanne with Stephanie assisting with my reflector.  As we were leaving we ran into the lady again.  She confessed that she thought we were just teenagers out having fun and didn't know I was working until she saw my equiptment!

I should mention I am now 31!  I suppose it's not such a bad thing to look young and defenetly not a bad thing for my work to be confused as play! 


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