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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop. Remember. Smile.

I've discussed before of living in El Salvador in poverty that is hard to express. I tend to have many recollections of that but rarely do I have memories that wrap me in warmth. Here all this time I've thought I'm a positive thinker, an optimistic at heart- looking at the glass as half full but the realization that I remember the bad and ugly verses the goodness and happiness makes me do a bit of a double take on myself.

Today I choose to remember the goodness. The warmth of my aunt's smile. The days of running around with my cousin playing store owner. Sitting with my grandmother in church. Playing in my grandfather's garden and eating mangos straight from the tree. Drinking coffee.

Yes, online friends, the addiction goes back to my early childhood in El Salvador. We all drank coffee. Every one of us kids. Fresh coffee and I do mean fresh- as in my grandmother picked the beans, roasted them on our rooftop and simmered it on the stove top. yum! She would send one of girls to get the morning bread and we would have sweet bread and coffee before heading out to school.

Wait! I just realized this is probably why to this day, I don't like breakfast. I prefer my morning coffee with something slightly sweet. Wow. I love that I just had that memory and was able to share it with you upon it's arrival.

Back to my memories.... Last week my mom, dad and sister were able to visit family in El Salvador. My mother brought me back some of my favorite things from my homeland. Cheese. Bread. YUM! Enjoying this yumminess is what started my recollection of my childhood days all over again.

The smell. the taste. Even the texture of the sweet bread takes me back to the little table and the times shared with my family there.  Not all the times were good but today I remember the great!


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