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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seattle {Pike Place Market}

A while ago I talked about why I am a member of PPA and listed some of the great benefits I've experienced.  Some of those being continued education and friendships formed. 

On this post I wanted to show you some highlights from my latest road trip when I attended PPA TOUR:2010 with Maricar Lianne- a fellow PPA photographer and dear friend.  The class was held in Seattle so we made a day of it and took the opportunity to shoot in beautiful downtown Seattle.

First we walked the oh so famous Pike Place Market (I do not recommend heals!) and took in the sights and sounds of such a historical and artistic place. It was even a bit overwhelming as you see musician after musician then vendor after vendor showcase their art.  I wanted to bring a little bit of everything home! 

After sightseeing and shooting, Maricar and I really worked up an appetite so we headed down to El Puerco Lloron.  If you are ever in the area and wish to sample authentic Mexican food this is THE place to go!  I had the best tamales- aside from my mother's that is!  Actually there is a bit of a story here and I will be quick about it: This is the restaurant my mom worked at after immigrating from El Salvador in the early 80s.  They took her in and taught her all she knows about cooking Mexican cuisine and I must say they did a fine job! (I love and miss you mommy!)

After a little Starbucks and some Flan for later we headed out to the seminar.  Hours later we had so much inspiration between the two of us that we headed back out to photograph the Seattle skyline.  (be on the lookout for these images tomorrow!)

So what if we got rained on and stayed up till 2 am?  It was so worth it! After a little nap at the hotel we headed back home but not before a bit of a detour into Federal Way for a little bit of Salvadorian cuisine.  About now you are starting to realize that it's all about food for me!  Pupusas, Fried Plantains, Beans, Bottled Coke (yes ladies and gentlemen there is a difference!) and Cola Champagne (a sweet Salvadoran soda).  What else could a girl want?! :)


  1. So...Where in Federal Way can I get some of that amazing food? It sounds so good...and that is so close to me!

  2. I only know how to get there from The Commons. :) you head south on pacific hwy (I believe). It's a few blocks before the skating rink on the right hand side... Aren't I helpful! My parents live near there and so they are the ones who introduced me to this amazing place. I almost couldn't find it that day when I had to find it on my own! BUT they do have a HUGE white and blue sign that reads: PUPUSERIA


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