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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trash the Dress?

At the risk of being unpopular in the photographic industry, I have a confession to make: When I first hear "trash the dress" in any sentence I cringe.  I seriously do.  Maybe that is because I am old fashioned traditional in my thinking.  I have kept my dress.  I spent good money on it and wouldn't dare trash it!  My daughter may not wear my dress one day but she loves that it hangs in her closet everyday and from time to time she can wear it.  She dances and she smiles as she plays pretend bride.  One day she will dance and smile in her own special gown or if she so wishes, in mine.  Altered of course since my 1999 fashion won't do when her father finally allows her to walk down the aisle at any age past 38. 

I digress....I wouldn't dare harm my dress.   Why would I harm someone elses'?!

Of course not all brides want to keep their dresses but most agree that their gorgeous, once in a lifetime gowns have more life in them then a perfect wedding day followed by a destructive photo shoot that renders those treasured garments useless!  Some sell their dresses.  Others donate it to worthy causes. (shoot me an email if you want to do this as I know of many worthy non-profits) Some store it for their own specific reasons. 

I like to think that a new trend is starting.  One that says "sure let's get some great images in your gown after your dream wedding- but we won't have to trash it to do so."

Tomorrow I will be blogging a little more about how I shoot this kind of session but for today I leave you with a beautiful image of a newly wed couple.... with the new bride's not trashed gown.


  1. Xiomara, when I got married at age 30, I wore the dress my mother had worn when she married my father 35 years earlier. Her sister had purchased it from a fine bridal shop as a wedding gift. I had a seamstress go over it thoroughly since a lot of the threads had broken down, but the alterations to it were slight. As I was growing up, she would less us see and try on the dress now and then, and when my wedding was approaching I realized I liked it better than anything I saw in ads or shops. I did get my own veil, and she said she liked it better than what she had worn. After becoming bound to my husband in Holy Matrimony, it's my favorite thing about our wedding!

  2. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Wendy for sharing your story with me. It is great to find that in fact I am not the only one out there that is "traditional". ~Xiomara


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