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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Erica {2011 High School Senior}

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Erica.  The word "sweet" just doesn't even cut it when I try to describe her gentle spirit.  Daughter of wonderful Village Missions pastors; I think being raised in the ministry has affected her in wonderful ways.  Often times us pastors will hear things like "well, you know those pastor's kids ...." as people shake their heads in disapproval.  I'll tell you that as a pastor's wife, one can get very discouraged.  But Erica and her family are examples of what faithfulness and the persuit of holiness will do for a family and the children involved.  

Now time for the images......Erica has been waiting a whole 6 days to see a sneak peek!- more than most High School Seniors ever have to wait with me.  So for that I am truely sorry Erica.  I'll try to make it up to you:  When you get 20 comments you will receive an 8x10 linen print. 50 comments and you will receive two 8x10 OR a 16x20 wall print.

Help her out folks but PLEASE SIGN your comments.


  1. Lovely as always! Amy McKillip

  2. Great Photo's Erica! -- John & Candy Adams

  3. What a beautiful girl! Lovely photos, too!

  4. As always, BEAUTIFUL!! Holly :)

  5. I love the scarf one!!!

  6. I love the pictures! It will be so hard to choose. Thank you!!! -Erica

  7. I love the black and white one! They are all so pretty!

  8. Love the big color one! Very beautiful!

  9. Great Pictures Erica!!! All three are VERY good!

  10. Great pictures. They turned out good. Amd it wasn't raining this time.-Sadie

  11. aww Erica u look soo CUTE! I love senior pics they are fun!! love the outfit! wanna see more!!


  12. :] I like them alot!!

  13. WOW Erica...these are BEAUTIFUL! You are BEAUTIFUL! -Heather Lite

  14. Erica...these pictures are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!

  15. Sweet pics! Really like the scarf one....

  16. Really pretty pictures and you are absolutely beautiful Erica. Really like the scarf one and the last one.

  17. Erica,
    Your pictures are so beautiful. Love them, Kathie Sellars

  18. Love that b&w with her hand on her hip. Very pretty!

  19. loved the pictures!! Xiomara, you did a beautiful job!

  20. Wow Erica, you are so beautiful! I LOVE the 1st one!
    Katy Dolan

  21. Wow! Erica is all grown up! Beautiful pictures or a beautiful girl.

  22. Your pictures are amazing and you are beautiful!

  23. my dear sister you have grown up to be a beautiful woman! :) I love all the pics but my favorites would probably have to be the first (purple shirt) and the last!

    -Erin Schmidt

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