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Friday, July 30, 2010

 MJ, I am honored to have captured these for you- thank you for that but more importantly thank you for serving for my benefit and those that I love dearly.  I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for you and all the other military men and women who serve us every day, and for their families who also sacrifice so much all to ensure my freedom and safety. Please know I've added you to my prayer list and trust God's grace, peace, truth and love will guide your way.  

Farther than lands you have ever imagined     Deeper than even the oceans of blue
An open horizon is waiting like morning     Waking the dreamer who's living in you
So now go with the wind at your back      And the sun on your face
With a song in your heart     And the promise of grace
Go in peace and in truth     And let love lead your way
Go with God   -Carolyn Arends


  1. Wow what a great job you did in capturing this moment and getting a tough soldier to smile even if it was for his mama! Thanks Mark & Bonnie

  2. I am proud of you as well M.j. As soon as you can could you get us a address where we can be sending you mail. Be safe, thank you for wearing the Canady name with pride. Love ya, Honey

  3. Wow, it's been so long since I have seen MJ....has he ever changed!!

    MJ, we will also pray for you and share in Xiomara Gard gratitude for faithful service on our behalf!!!

    Uncle Jim

  4. Proud of you MJ. The Canady name looks good on that uniform! We will be praying for you.

  5. Breathtaking! And you captured it! Yes MJ we are proud of you & THANK YOU!

  6. Be still my heart. What a treasure this will be to dad and I while you are gone. You are a good soldier MJ and I can say that not just has a prejudice mom but because your fellow soldiers have told us so. God is going with you, son, and so are all our love and prayers. Mom

  7. Uncle Jim beat me with the Wow so I will do it right - WOW! xiomara Gard, thank you for your tribute. I am sure you can understand the pride a Grandpa and Grandma took in what you have said and the fantastic pictures you took. MJ, you do not know it but, if I have my information correct, this is the first time CANADY has been on a military uniform since my Father wore a uniform in World War One, or The Great War as they called it back then. We are proud of you. Grandpa and Grandpa


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