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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pacific City Photographer

She is known for her gentle spirit, tenderness towards others and a graceful strength.  He is a strong leader able to reach out to people of all ages.  Both have such wisdom and strength that can only be credited to Christ and the work he has done in their lives.  Theirs is a wonderful story of faithfulness, gentleness and following God where He calls them to go.  Mark and Bonnie; I sincerely admire you and know I'm not alone.  You exemplify what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus as you have faithfully ministered to this community.  We will miss you dearly but we smile as you go, knowing you go with God. 


  1. You made us cry - we do not feel we deserve you very kind words - but were so grateful you wrote them. You did a wonderful job on our pictures - they will be treasured memories.

    Thanks Mark & Bonnie

  2. It doesn't suprise me at all that you don't feel you deserve these words. You are both as humble as it comes. I am absolutely certain that where you are leaving will have a great void. And where you are going will blessed to have you both. You two are precious and used mightly by our God. I am proud of you both and love you both very much.
    Love you, Honey

  3. It really doesn't look good, me crying in my office!! There are people around!!!! Lovely pictures, beautiful words, and a couple worthy of those beautiful words.


  4. many ways! Love you both!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, really captured you two. Your are such a special couple and brother and sister. I am excited to see you soon!

  6. xio...thank you so much for doing this for mom and dad. I would also like to note, my parents know that they are leaving SOUTH COUNTY in awesome godly hands:) We love you guys!!

  7. Wow..finally got a chance to look at these! I love the one of Bonnie leaning over "her man". Love you both! Mary Lou

  8. Thank you Xio for the tribute to our children. Mark and Bonnie, The fact that you have never stayed within the walls of the church building in your ministry brings joy to our hearts. You have faithfully followed the path of Jesus who was always ministering down the road, on His way. As the crowds were attracted to Him, the community of the Pacific City are has been attracted to you - Dad and Mom Canady

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