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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{commercial photography}

La Commercial Bakery. 

To say this summer has been crazy is an understatement.  Like most moms I have a to-do list that is miles long.  Every once in awhile it all adds up and I start loosing it.  I start forgetting things; like calling my in laws when I said I would (sorry Rick), or forgetting to write a friend (sorry Steph, I just remembered so I will write you as soon as I hit post.... promise!).  Or like last week, forgetting that I had a doctor's appointment only to show up late and be forced to schedule for another day. ugh! 

So here I was all tense to make an appointment only to have it cancelled and then realizing that I now had two hours to waste before the next appointment I had scheduled.  I debated going home but that would mean a 20 minute commute both ways.  That seemed like a ridiculous notion so I turned up the music and drove north thinking, "I'll waste my time at Freddy's" If you are not from Tillamook, you probably have no idea that Fred Meyers is practically the only store in town that would resemble a mall.  Yes, that is my sad dilemma when I am desperate for a shoe fix but I digress.

So I drove north only to spot a "doughnuts" sign.  That is when my right foot and hands became in sync like it was fate when they turned the car into the Northport plaza parking lot. I followed obediently.  "So what if I had stopped running during vacation, I could still indulge a little", I told myself.  To further convince my feet to walk up the steps I decided I was there for my kiddos.  They love doughnuts and would greet me with hugs and kisses and a mother of the year award once they saw I brought them their favorite goodies.  This was enough to convince me so I walked in.  I was not prepared for what my eyes saw;

Pan Dulce (Mexican sweet bread).  Conchas, Cuernosyoyos, churos, and variety after variety of sweet bread.  I started piling my loot into a pastry tray. I then stepped up to the counter only to meet the owners. We started chatting and she encouraged me to practice Spanish. I rolled my R's and slowed my speech.  we talked and all I wanted to know was how long they have been there (and frankly why didn't I know about this jewel in Tillamook county!).  She told me about her lunch menu, what the locals love to get at 5am when the doughnuts are fresh, and she kindly told me about each pastry she makes including her famous Tres Leches Cake. Then I found out they had FLAN!  I started to finish my purchase only I remembered oh, yeah, I should probably get those doughnuts for the kids.  I do want to earn my mother of the year award after all :)

Long story short- yeah, right you say. Trust me; this is short for me.

AMAZING, authentic Pan Dulce. Wonderful friendly people!


  1. So where is this?!?! I need to know for the next weekend I am home ;)

  2. Yum! Love this place! The buttermilk donuts are heavenly.

    ... and I still haven't heard from you. ;)

  3. Amber,
    It is right in Northport Plaza. 1000 Main Ave North. I'm sure you could also give them a call if you need futher directions 503-842-9000. You will LOVE their Pan Dulce!
    Steph, I am so sorry....again. I will do it RIGHT NOW! :)

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