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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Locks of L♥ve

It took almost a full 18 months for her to grow her hair out again.  Josh and I enjoyed seeing Naomi in her little pig tails as she ran ahead of us on numerous occasions, each piggy going up and coming back down in sync with her steps.  On many of those occasions Josh would turn to me and say just how cute he thought she was.  Then came the time when I could braid her hair in two sweet looking french braids on each side.  I think those were my favorite.  Then Josh joined in and started braiding her hair.  He couldn't master the french braid but he master what Naomi called her "daddy braids".  Now that I think about it these were my favorite. 

Of course Naomi's hair will grown back again and hopefully she will let us do all those fun styles again....but then again maybe not-afterall she is our big seven year old now! We are unsure if she will decide to donate once again to Locks of L♥ve as it did take her a "looooong time"  (You can insert the whiny 6 year old tone here).  But we are proud of her none the less for selflessly giving of herself to children who need her assistance.   Her first donation was a bit different when I hesitated and didn't want her to loose all that beautiful hair but she was adamant and talked me into it.  Guilted me into it, really, when she mentioned the sweet children that would benefit fromm it.   This time around Josh and I were both supportive of her decision to share her hair with children that are in need.  And we stand with pride as she, already at seven can see that it's about giving away-- not hoarding. 

Special thanks to Shear-Bliss-Salon for the beautiful short style and for helping with Naomi's wish to share. 


  1. Totally cute hair style for a 7 year old and what an amazing thing for her to do. You must be raising her right <3

  2. she is adorable! what a gift :)

  3. That is so awesome! Chloe says she loves your "new do" Naomi :-) My quote of the week is "It's not what you gather, it's what you scatter." How appropriate! ~Natalie

  4. Love the hair and love the photography!


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