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Monday, February 14, 2011

10 little things....

Faltering, as depression seeps in the midst of change in my life, I long to refocus.  I desire to live.  Fully. 

I take courage in God's Word.  I embrace truth in song.  And I'm awakened to praise forever more through blog friends who, as Ann of Green Gables would say are bosom friends.  They don't know they are.  But they are.  Their words push me forward. Their strength encourages my own. 

I awake in the middle of the night to discomfort.  Unlike other nights however, my mind is set on finding the beauty, the gift which God is bestowing in this very moment.  I don't fixate on pain, rather my heart is focused on the steady rhythms of breaths from the one I love.  Next to me.  Still holding me through the night.  This God gift is my focus. 

This strength.  This resolve will not always be the case, I fear.  Struggle is hard on the feet of those in pain.  My prayer, however is that in the middle of the fog that tries to blind my eyes to the beauty, the little things I love will shine through.  Reminding me there is goodness.  There is peace.  There is hope.  In the little things there is love.  There is my God.  And no fog can hide Him from my view. 

This I am learning as I take Ann Voskamp's words in her beautiful book: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are seriously.  I take her challenge: Write a thousand everyday blessings.  Through the mundane, the boring and even in the dark days where the rain just won't stop pouring.  Write them down and SEE.  See His love for me. 

"We were meant for every moment to be fully alive with this dynamic relating and vibrant presence of hope in finding our Maker near us"* I need to learn to fully live.  Right here where I am.  Pain and all.  I can see beauty.  And He is glorious!

*David Crowder in Praise Habit: Finding God in Sunset and Sushi


  1. Xiomara, this is absolutely a beautiful blog. So very inspirational and encouraging. Thanks for your words. I'm happy for you that you are finding hope and strength through your trials, but am still so sad for you that you have the trials in the first place. Will be praying God will give you grace and peace and show you through those everyday things that He loves you and cares SO much about you.

  2. Thank you Kei. For praying. For encouraging. And for being present-That means the most. God uses you to encourage and show that there is support and I'm not alone. Thank you! ♥Xiomara

  3. I love this Xiomara, as I am right there with you -- in pain, in illness, in counting the ways God shows us His love, in being encouraged by Ann & her beautiful words & heart.

    I've read her book through once, and will be starting it over again as soon as I get it back from the person I {reluctantly, yet happily} loaned it to.

    Love you!

  4. Hi Xioamra,
    Thank you for writing such an encouraging post. I love the pictures and stories you share.
    Love, Angla

  5. So thankful this post encouraged you both Jenn and Angla. God's blessings to you!


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