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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 21st!

Today is February the 19th and what a special day it is.  For you see friends, something very large hit the market back in 1990 on this special date. With it's birth came many advances and changes to our industry. We were able to take photographs to the next level and with each new version to next and next. 

 Yes friends, I speak of Adobe photoshop!   Today I (and many of my photog geeks err, I mean friends) celebrated it's 21st birthday. What would we photographers be without you, dear Adobe?  You help us perfect our imagery and enable us to take our vision to the next level.

Happy Birthday, I hope you are around for another hundred more years and many more after that!   In geek like fashion, I captured a little Adobe love in its honor. Now I log off and continue to edit as I will do for more years to come all in thanks to this faithful tool I have come to love. 


  1. Hahaha! So fun and interesting and wonderful. I love the colors in your pics. I didn't realize adobe photoshop was that old. Crazy!

  2. Love that pic of you! Cute, cute! Happy birthday, Photoshop!

  3. Kei, if that is old then we are nearing ancient! ;-)
    Thanks for the compliments you two- you are sweet friends! :)


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