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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Spanish Silly!

Jesse says I speak nonsense.  He lovingly says, "mom, you're so weird".  I tell him it's not nonsense it's called personality!  I have a lot of it.  I'm quirky.  Spunky you could say.  Easily excitable.  March to the beat of my own drum, whatever you wish to call it.  I don't mind.  Today He said I spoke nonsense when I was so excited about photographing snow that I made them all hurry, get dressed and be out of the house in less than 10 minutes.   Nonsense he says.  I say "It's snowing at the beach!" In the car the excitement causes me to turn my attention to the CD player as Josh drives. I find every occasion has a soundtrack.  This one called for Salsa! Exagerating my Rs and all I begin to sing.  It seems everything is more exciting if you are singing along.  And even better if you can dance along.  Jesse again says I'm speaking nonsense and this time I say he is wrong- It's spanish silly!

-Pacific City, Oregon.  Haytack rock to the left and Cape Kiwanda to the right
-The view looking south towards Lincoln City, Oregon
-The beach grass at Bob Straub State Park
-Again Haystack Rock on the left and Rob Straub State Park on the right
-Many thanks to my wonderful (and oh so handsome!) assistant who kept the moisture from my lense.  And the little kiddos who tagged along even though they thought I was crazy.  FYI: Hot Chocalate and cinammon rolls are a great bribe and Tucker, well, he loved Stimulus Cafe's doggie buiscuits!
-More of my loves, because well, it's a very rare thing that I post images of them here.  Hope you enjoy them.
-Another rarity:  Images of me.  Josh has decided he is going to turn the lense on me as much as he can.  He figures he will need proof that he had a wife and I indeed existed when he is telling his good old stories in his future nurcing home.....


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