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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The intruder {infant photography newborn photography, home birth, new mom, baby Photography, baby photographer}

The intruder, as her mom lovingly calls her came on her own time.  On a cold rainy coastal day she received a joyous welcome in her home. In her family bathtub, surrounded by her siblings and those that have loved her dearly even before their eyes first met.

 Her story is a very special one, unique and filled with such emotion only her mom could do it justice.  

It was my pleasure to photograph and help tell her unique newborn story. I never take it lightly that these images will one day be looked upon by older, wiser eyes.  Eyes that have seen more.  That person that no longer takes a newborns scent for granted.  Or the sleepless nights where we must check to make sure our infant is still breathing.  Wiser eyes. Aware of the ticking clock.  With each little hand move, little girls will grow up to be women.  With each big hand turn little boys grow up to be men; in the blink of an eye change occurs.  We find ourselves looking back and wishing for 'simpler times', quieter times when we rocked and held.  Nursed and hummed.  That is the reason I treasure what I do.  What I can offer a family.  Sweet tender moments, captured forever.  Moments that are fleeting but always will remain in our hearts- but also in our hands through a memory book, a keepsake frame. 

Heather, thank you so very much for allowing me this special privilege.  It is a true blessing to me, to share my vision with you and your family.  It is my hope that you will be able to cling to these for a lifetime and treasure the 'little' big moments. 


  1. Oh, I love these!!! Such meaning packed into these images. And th nest? LOVE.

    And sweet Ainslee?? BEAUTY.

  2. Love, love, love these. And since I know Heather personally and her journey she has endured this post brought tears to my eyes. These pictures are beautiful and you did an amazing job.

  3. *tears* ....of Love & of Gratitude!

  4. Xiomara! Again, you have done a beautiful job! Ainslee is so cute! I love the pictures!

  5. As I read this and took in these precious photos, I too had tears of joy and love. I love the picture of Heather's necklace and Ainslees's tiny foot. I can't wait for my turn to be part of your breathe taking work agian.

  6. Sweet, innocence and so precious captured in a moment of time to last a life time. Very, well done, I am so amazed.

  7. Beautiful. She looks so much like mommy!!

  8. So pleased to see you and your family and dear friends enjoy them Heather. It blesses my heart and soul. My hope is these bless yours for a lifetime!


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