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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Young Love {Engagement Photography, Oregon Coast Photographer}

The first time they met she snubbed him.  The second time he snubbed her back.  They say the third time is a charm and so it was with these two.  Her cow needed to be prepared for showing at the State Fair. She asked him to borrow his purple hose.  He, being prince charming obliged. Conversation began. So what if she thought for awhile his name was Chris?  They eventually got over that small detail.  He started driving to Tillamook just to see her.  Now, head over heels in love, they are planning the most amazing farm wedding. 

But first the engagement session.  Matt and Emily were amazing in letting me have so much artistic freedom and control over their session.  With the help of Emily's mom I scouted these wonderful locations and had her prepare all these family heirlooms to use on the photo shoot.  She was amazing dragging these priceless treasures through town just to give 'the kids' an amazing photo shoot. 

On the day of the shoot Emily's dad brought us straw and even helped with Matt's outfits! Her baby brother helped me set things up and was my muscle.  And last but not least, her baby sister came along and helped reflect light as well as helped Matt with his crutches.  Yeah, about that.  Matt has a cast on all these images since he just had surgery.  Not only was he wonderful about the different locations and outfit changes but he even climbed a dune in order to get breathtaking beach scenes- all in crutches. What a man! 

These images have so much meaning. The images were shot at her parents' farm.  A Tillamook County family farm that has been operating since the early 1900s. The quilt shown was made by Emily's great-grandmother, the milk can was used in the family dairy farm for years before it had to be retired along with the lantern shown.  The tulips are sweet.  Emily's father recently brought them home for her mother.  I just had to use them! The windows, picnic basket, old doors, and wagon wheel are just some things her mom had 'hanging around'.  I love this woman!
The following images where taken in another location but still part of the original family homestead.  The trunk goes back for many years, the clock was made by Emily's great-great grandfather, The doilly was made by her great-great-grandmother.  The Bible used is her dad's first Bible, the tea pot was her father's grandmother's, the framed image is Emily's great grandmother at 18 years of age and finally the small milk can holding the fresh tulips was again used at the family farm. 
 After the farm we headed out to the beach and arrived just as the sun was about to set!
What a fantastic family this was to work with! I am looking forward- so much- to the big day. Until then be sure to share these sneak peeks with all your loved ones!    ~Xiomara


  1. :):):) I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They turned out so good! Thank you so much Xio for an amazing day and such great pictures! :)

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