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Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan with Love

Devastation, pain, loss, uncertainty. Halfway around the world these emotions are felt by mothers, fathers, children, anyone left after the horrendous destruction followed by yet another.

 The last few days my heart has been heavy as I weep for those in Japan and those here that have family there.  I busy myself with my life and each time come back to it.  Wishing to help.  After a donation is made, I wish to do more.  I pray knowing this is the best help I can offer and yet I come back to it again. My hands wanting to move to further action. 

I cling to my children tighter.  I pray for that mom who doesn't know what to say to her child's questioning tomorrow.  And the "why mommy, why?"  I feel deeply for her and all I can do is pray. 

I know you too feel this way as we love and wish to care for our fellow man.  I have learned that the blogging community is one with caring, loving, huge hearts.   That is why I hope you will join me in participating in the blogger's day of silence on March 18, 2011.

Join me in showing respect and showing that we are behind the people of Japan.  But not only in silence but in action.  Consider donating to agencies that are already on the ground.  Moving. Their hands full of love, their feet on a mission to help and bring hope.  Agencies like Samaritan's Purse or World Vision have already responded and are doing everything in their power to provide medical supplies, blankets, food, etc.  Whether you donate to these or For Japan with Love (shelter box USA) or other organizations- it doesn’t matter.  The important thing is to donate.  I know many of us are not in a position to donate a lot, but every little bit helps.  I hope you can join me as we stand with Japan with love.


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