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Monday, March 14, 2011

The fun booth {Tillamook photographer, Nestucca photographer, Pacific City Photographer}

A few months back I was tagged in an album.  Yes, we are talking facebook here, I should clarify that before going any further I suppose.  Anyhow, getting tagged on an album allows all your friends to view the said image on your profile info.  Getting tagged is nothing new but this one photograph caused some pause.  Some shock and oh goodness some embarrassment. 

You know what I'm talking about... those awful school pictures you would rather forget that now have come back to haunt you in adulthood.  Someone thought it would be fun to scan some old high school dance photos and there I was.  I'm sure at the time I looked cool with my hair sprayed so hard an 85 mile gust wouldn't touch it!  Or that huge corsage on my wrist that covered my entire forearm. And the dress, well, let's not even go there!  'Nuff said- I did what any self respecting adult would do.... I untagged myself!

So here I am a decade plus latter and now I am the one behind the camera capturing memories for high school kids at their formals.  I feel an obligation to give them something they will actually not mind being tagged on. Inspired by the ever popular Photo Booths going on at every wedding now-a-days came Imago Dei's Fun Booth.  Yeah, I know very creative, but really 'fun' is what I want it to be about.  Sure, I still capture those good old poses against a traditional backdrop.  After all, that is what parents want.  What they want- they get.  But the kids should also get what they want.  So problem solved:  The Fun Booth. 

I hope you enjoy the fun being had!


  1. What a GREAT idea - and so much fun!!
    Winter formal my junior year we asked the (very traditional) photographer to take our picture on the steps instead of the traditional backdrop and he refused........ So, we did our own!

    Glad you are giving these kids such great memories!!


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