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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Job Titles

Purchasing Manager.
Customer Service Rep.
Pricing Strategist.
Editing guru.
Head of Research.
Product Creator.
Sales Person.
Marketing Strategist.

That?  Just my job description.  Away from the home even though I work at home.  My job at home?

Facilities manager.
Head Chef (although Josh tries to take credit of meals I have prepared ahead of time and placed in the freezer!)
Coach and Cheerleader.
Spiritual Mentor.
Sex Ed instructor (if you are indeed curious ask me why I think this is important and I'll schedule a coffee date with ya!)
Launderer (but lately my hubby has become GREAT at this one, so I guess I'm upper management now).
Interior Designer.
Shopping Diva (we're talking groceries here people).
Event Planner.
Friendship consultant.
Manners Instructor.
Game creator and boredom buster.
Appointment manager.
Building inspector.
Chauffeur (and the tips are lousy- like empty gum wrappers and used Kleenex. yuck).
Personal Assistant of 3.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because these are my many excuses to why I have been lousy at blogging lately.  I have two jobs.  Two huge jobs.  Two huge blessings.  Two things I take very seriously and the last month all my family has been sick at one point or another and so I have fallen of the face of blogger.  But alas, I'm back.  Let's hope!

And because a post without images is lame.  I give you what I have been doing a lot lately:  Cooking soup.  Lots of it!


  1. I love this! It's so true, and even though I don't have an outside job, being a mom really is SO much to keep one busy. I think you are an amazing woman to not only have taken your wonderful photography talent and made something great from it, but you are dealing with your illness in a much more graceful way than I imagine I ever could, and you are still thriving in your post as loving and patient mom and wife. I love that you are real, that you don't try to make others feel like you are perfect, but you shine IN your imperfections and let God make something beautiful with what you have. I love that.
    Keep Shining!

  2. Thanks Kei. Life is..... well... life. And as a mom it can be so full and joyfilled and exhausting. Isn't it great how we don't have to face it alone?! We have one amazing God and the rich support of brothers/sisters in Chirst who can encourage, walk beside and love us in our great and not so great days. I am thankful you are one of those sisters of mine!


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