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Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Choosing love}

Seven days of sleeping in, playing with our kids and eating ice-cream for dinner.  Well only three of those days I turned into the 'coolest mom evaaaa' as Jesse and Naomi described me when I informed them what was for dinner.  The mood said "Aww summer vacation".  We were once again blessed to spend a week in an isolated and picturesque location.  Quality time.  Just what we all needed after a very long year.   

This was our second time at the cabin and I once again found the time brought clarity.  I get so distracted in the everyday commitments and responsibilities that yearly I find this family time reminds me again what my heart longs for.  What it was created for.  love.  deep. passionate. love.  love for my husband.  my children.  my church. my friends. but most of all my Jesus.  Who means everything to me.  Living a life fully devoted to Him and His glory- not my own.  All for those words at the end of the journey "well done good and faithful servant".
I find this song the longing of my heart.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great break for refocusing. :)

  2. This picture is absolutely amazing and would look awesome for sale on canvas in a cool flower shop that I know of (hint hint ;-) And, I'm glad you had an amazing vacation! ~Natalie

  3. WOW... what a beautiful photo, good job (as usual) :] Love, love the song! Don't worry Xio, you are definately leaving your mark on some of us! Kathy


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