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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a beach side church wedding {Rockaway Photography} {Beach weddings} {Oregon Coast Photographer}

The day was perfect.  The sand warm, the sky blue and not a hint of wind in the air.  The only down side was that the sun was out and there were no major clouds in the sky.  I know that sounds weird but photographing in full sunlight is extremely difficult.  No worries though.  We captured beauty all the same. 

Here is a sneak peek for the newly weds AJ and Mardi!

It all started with some getting ready shots.  Both moms were there to help prepare them for their big day!
Then we were off to capture my all time favorite shot: The first look. This is where the groom gets to see his glowing bride for the first time privetly before the ceremony itself. We make it a special time for just the two of them to just... be.  

We scout a beautiful setting. Arrange the groom so that he is looking away and then quietly bring the bride in. When everything is perfect I say, OK AJ you may turn around and see your bride......
He sees her. She sees him. They Kiss. Embrace. And are free to just be without concern of anything exept enjoying one another and their wedding day. They get to have some private time to chat. "You look beautiful" he says. She smiles and from then it's just magic. Really.
Before I go on and on about the process of photographing this beautiful wedding let me just let the images speak for themselves! Enjoy.


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