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Friday, September 23, 2011


All the talk this week has been about Facebook changes.  Some love it.  Most don't.  As a small business owner I've had to come to terms with accepting changes.  As businesses grow they change. In order to accommodate that growth changes must be made.  For instance my business has been undergoing a lot of changes this quarter.  Change is good; for instance my business changes are helping my clients get better service, better products and a better experience. Period. But this post is not about Imago Dei Photography's changes.  It's all about the new Facebook!

Next week you will be seeing the new Facebook Timeline. I don't mean to sound like a geek but being that facebook has been essential to my business I find Facebook (and all it's changes) are important for me to keep up with. And yes, that is partly why I am on there constantly.  I can't even begin to tell you what an important part little old facebook has had on Imago Dei Photography.

After spending all morning reading and listening to what is in store I honestly can tell you I am ubber excited!  Timeline is wonderful for photographers because the complimentary images we post and tag our clients in will no longer get lost in the old wall format.  These images (births, weddings, engagements) will be archived so that when you make a new friend they can see down the years what you have been up to.  They will be able to see the big milestones, not what you were just tagged in or checked into by a coworker but the real important things in life.  -yes, I realize you being at the cheese factory with so and so is important too ;-) 

I could go on and on about the new and exciting changes (for instance the new apps that are coming!), but quite frankly this post is already a bit too long so here is a peek into my new Timeline.  EEEEEKKK!  {Yes, I'm just a bit excited}

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