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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A family story. {Tillamook Photographer}

You call to schedule the appointment.  Receive the welcome packet and want to plan the best experience ever.  Then the kids have this going on, you have the other lined up, your husband is maxed out at work and can't take an afternoon off, no one's schedules match up and so the family portrait will have to wait. 

A year goes by and again you want to get it done.  We accommodate schedules bend over backwards to get things done. We set a date. Begin the process; The consult, the outfits, traveling to locations to find just the right one.  Sound familiar?  Oh and then the outfits you had planned for are back ordered to top it off!!!

This is the story of just about every. single. family I work with.  We are all busy.  We are juggling so much.  So when a client solidifies a date with me I know just how much they are investing in the total process.  From planning to completion.  That is why I take my job so seriously.  I was told the other day that 'they're just pictures' and I believe that to those that don't value portraiture or family heirlooms that may just be the case. However, to you the client, they are so much more than that.  So I aim to never get a calloused heart.  To never get into a routine of 'oh just another session' because I realize for YOU it is THE session.  So it is for me as well.

How did I get here rambling about this anyway? Well, all that to say this precious family (or maybe just mom- let's be honest! ;) went through a lot to make this happen. Jared and Jamy, I hope it was worth every little bit of your investment of time and care.

Oh and Jamy, you deserve my most adventurous client award.  Not only did we photograph in a field with a bull (no joke ya'll) but Jamy also brought in a pony and their two dogs along with their large brood.  Seriously you deserve a medal- or extra chocolate at our Session Premier! ;-)

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