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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A mouth full of spaghetti goo

It's been one of those mornings.  That turned into one of those afternoons.  That could typically then be refered to as one of those days. 

Nothing has gone wrong.  But nothing has gone right either.  Distractions have come all day.  The to do list sits.  Not a word or phrase being crossed off.  I start feeling heavy knowing that all too soon the kids will be needing me to pick them up from school and the stack of work will have to wait till tomorrow.  Which has it's own stack already!

I tell myself to attack a task but I simply can't focus for the life of me.  That is what anxiety can do to you.  Turn your orderly type A brain into mush.  Or more like Spaghetti.  The kind that is sticky from the lack of the cook's expertise.  You grab your fork for a bite. You pull a bit up to your mouth and find that more and more comes with the small polite bite you intended.  So much piles on that you can't properly fit it all into your mouth.  Chew. even swallon. A big sticky mess to deal with. 

That's life though.  Sticky, messy, disorderly.  And yet we are to thrive and let our light shine......... right?  The heavyness is suppose to be lifted.  But how can it be lifted if I have not released it?  How can I shine if I have within an overwhelming darkness trying to rule?  Am I even making sense?

So what is one to do.  I ask my self.  Overwhelmed and burdened. I am to rest I hear.  Rest in knowing all this is temporary.  Not of worth.  I am to focus on what is.  And that which will last into eternity. 

I put away my to do list.  Put aside my strict expectations.  And embrace the eternal.  The important. That which brings clarity.  Perspective. Nourishment for my soul.  Glory to God. And I breath.  Really breath.  For the first time today.


  1. I love they way that you right. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent!
    Take Care and God Bless
    Pam and the Big Clam


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