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Monday, October 24, 2011

At the Christmas Tree Farm! {Christmas Limited Edition Sessions}

Cute, cute, cute!!!  I want to grab their cheeks, squeeze them tight and play peek-a-boo with them all day!  Who wouldn't though. They are sweet kiddos with great temperaments who loved all the individual attention this Limited Edition Session gave them. 

Their sweet momma had wanted Christmas country portraits and wanted to have Christmas Trees included in the session.  I contact John and Penny of Bewley Creek Nobles and they were kind enough to let us use their property for the session!  This great tree farm is located right in Tillamook and provides a charming condition in which to create those wonderful Christmas memories.  Follow the link above and you can read up on the wonderful atmosphere they strive to provide.  Homemade cookies and all! 

After the session I had the opportunity to visit with Laurie of the Day and Night Ranch (the tree farm is on this same property) and she was just the sweetest woman!  She told me all about the history of this family owned farm.  How it began back in 1924- it was then that the name was chosen as Day and Night because if you are to run a successful farm (or as I've found out any business) you have to work day and night!  Clever!  :)  

A huge thanks to both Day and Night Ranch and Bewley Creek Nobles for allowing me to use such a beautiful setting for my clients.  We had a great time playing amongst the trees and enjoying the beauty you work so hard to maintain.  Form the bottom of my heart- thank you!  


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