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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The heart of a child

As some of you know I was born in El Salvador.  As a little girl I saw poverty beyond explanation to those that have only experienced life in our blessed nation.  I find that when I share my personal story people don't know quite how to respond.  Shock.  Disbelief.  Maybe a bit of pity.  I don't tell my story for any response.  I'm simply being honest and wish to bring about some awareness of what poverty really looks like.  Did you know that running water is a gift?  That electricity, plumbing, a warm bed, food, schooling, shoes, socks, birthdays, Christmases....all things we so easily take for granted are just dreams to some.  At times these dreams feel so far off that you loose hope.

I have a 10 year old son and an 8 year old daughter now.  Since they were babies and even before they could completely understand 'poverty' or 'preventable deseases' I have tried to share with them what goes on all around the world that we simply don't see.  The pain.  The lack of.  The need. The hurt.  You see, when I came to the US I somehow quickly forgot my personal experience in El Salvador.  I soon was 'americanized' as my father likes to say.  It wasn't that I totally forgot but my daily choices and living were not those of someone who deeply understood how even a small amount of generosity could go a long way to help a child in El Salvador, in Africa, in Asia.  I simply was distracted.  Perhaps that is the fear that drives me.  Fear that my kids too will grow distracted.  Be too comfortable in this life my husband and I work hard to provide for them.  Hence my never ending stories of childhood.  The small reminders of thankfulness.  The encouragement to make a difference.  However small. 

So when my 10 year old approached me with his desire to make a difference.  His growing passion to love the poor.  His desire to provide safe drinking water to a small community that has none today. Well, my eyes water. A lump forms in my throat.  My heart burst with admiration for a little boy who can change the world. 

I don't know how God will use him, but I know that He is faithful and is working in this little heart to make something great.  Something that will bring Jesus glory.  And I think it's already begun. 

Jesse is looking to raise $2600.  His wish is to provide a Traditional Well that can provide water for 150 people.  He is brainstorming ideas, making this a birthday gift idea for his relatives, putting away his pennies and asking how else he can help out at home to earn towards this gift he would like to give.  He is already working on selling some hand made art (potholders) and is looking into setting up shop at a Christmas bazaar.  If you have other suggestions for him, he would love to hear from you!   Until then I encourage you to plug along and have hope in this next generation.  They are world changers!!


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