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Friday, October 28, 2011

School Pictures {Tillamook Photography}

**CLIENTS: please remember that these images are copyright protected and so please do not save, print, copy or download these images.   A low resolution quality is always available to you.  Simply ask and I will be sure to send you one!  Thanks!**

Fall rolls around.  You take the first day of school picture.  Send them off to a new year of adventure and growth.  Then the form comes home notifying you of picture day.  I used to dread those days as a kid.  The teacher would line us up at the door, take us single file to the gym where the photographer had set up his backdrop. And his flash.  ugh I hated flash!  Then you would watch everyone do their best "cheese" as you waited for your turn.  Kind of like little cattle.  Yeah, if you can't tell I don't have very fond 'school picture day' memories. 

When I photograph these cute kiddos at the Hendrickson Academy each year, I hope I provide them with a fun time, in the fresh outdoors, their individual time (No line of classmates watching) and definitely no "say cheese".   Not only that but we get to also do sibbling pictures.  Parents love this and so do I.  It's fun to see how kids relate to their older/younger sibbling and the bond that shines through each image.  Overall the goal is to have fun.  Even if it means jumping puddles, talking about bugs or horses or whatever it is that will get me that great smile for mom and dad.  And of course even talking about the dead mouse in the field.  eek. gross! (and if Maddy tells you I screamed she may just be telling a tall tale ;)
This post has long been anticipated by some very patient parents, and of course who could blame them wanting to see these images--just look at these cutties! 

Thank you  Mrs. H and Ms. Michelle for asking me to come do this again.  By far a favorite fall shoot of mine!  Also a huge thanks to the parents who continue to support this creative process and thinking outside the box.  ~Much love, Xiomara

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