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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Capturing treasued heirlooms {Tillamook Oregon Professional Photographer}

After the turkey drama I found my way to Michelle's home.  We were taking advantage of the fact that the 'kids', who are now grown adults in college, were coming home for thanksgiving.  Now that the family is scattered a bit and the moments when they are all together are rare we would do this session over Thanksgiving break.

 Together we walked the beautiful farming grounds.  It was important to Michelle that we remain on the family farm for the sentimental value it holds.  For it was in this barn that the kids played during long summer days.  It was this old tree they dangled on and swung high and low.  Here they climbed and played in the hay loft falling through the floor boards into the calves' feed a time or two.  Here they fished along the Trask.  Prepared the horses for 4-H at the county fair. 

During the shoot itself I was positioning the family in the most complimentary locations and light.  Bringing to fruition what I had seen in my mind's eye and expressing just how cool this location was.  Someone chimed in stating that they really didn't know just how cool it was growing up here until they were older and they started bringing friends home and just like me they stood in awe of the beauty all around.  I believe this beauty is not just found in the surroundings but rather deeper found in the careful and thoughtful upbringing.  In the love.  The values shared.  The unending support.  For this family is unique in that they sincerely love each other, wanting to hang out together and just be.  Not many are blessed as they are these days!

Beelers, Thank you so much for sharing this special time with me. Thank you for entrusting me with a very special portrait that I can only imagine will be one of the last before you start adding new family members to the mix.  Thank you for letting loose and making memories in front of my lens.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to touch your lives through my vision and camera.  Thank you just doesn't seem like enough! ~Xiomara


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