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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Portraits, dinners and going beyond the client relationship {Tillamook Oregon Professional Photograher}

It began in 2008 when they wanted to document their little family.  Elliot was just eight months old and that just seems like forever ago.  Courtney and I planned the session together and found ourselves chatting about everything from how we grew up, how we parent, church life and of course other girl chat.  Clothes because well, obviously we needed to work out outfits for their family session. 
 Over time we simply connected.  As some of you know I cook once a month. Only.  It's wonderful!  But that's not the point.  Anyway, Courtney wanted to simplify life as well and we started cooking meals together once a month.  We bonded over gallons of chicken stock, pounds of cheese and oodles of math equations that we simply couldn't figure out as we blocked the Costco isles.  

In this bonding she shared that she thought documenting the birth story of now baby number two was something she would treasure.  I confessed I didn't have any experience but she understood that and together with Justyn they extended an invitation to join them. 

I have to admit I was nervous.  Very nervous.  I prayed for the last two weeks daily for Courtney's delivery and baby Oliver but also that I wouldn't mess this up for them.  And that I wouldn't get in the way.  That I would capture something they at least liked.  If not loved. 

So came last Tuesday night. Courtney had texted and let me know her doctor thought it could be that night or Wednesday morning that Baby Oli would make his debut.  I told her that I was headed to bed with my phone.  Then I wake up the next morning and was beyond frazzled when I saw I missed her notice at 1 in the morning!!  I called right away and was told to just come over that nothing was happening yet and so I was fine.  For a moment I thought my fears had come true.  I ruined it for them.  But that wasn't the case. 

I threw some clothes on and the gear already prepared the night before in the old trusted Volvo and captured this in the span of six hours:
Justyn and Courtney, I just can't thank you enough for trusting me with this special time in your family's life.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

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