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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shooting a few turkeys {Tillamook Professional Photographer}

"Let's meet at the house by the barn" she said.  So as I drove to our session consult I drove past the barn and took the turn.  Drove up to the house and parked.  The wind blowing, the rain pouring and just as I ran up to the porch I spotted a turkey glancing my way.  Getting more used to Tillamook County I didn't think much of this bird making eyes at me. Arriving at the door I knocked.  And knocked.  And knocked.  No one was home.  It then occurred to me that I had the wrong home.  I wondered, "okay it was at this barn,  right?"  Second guessing myself I headed back to the car.  Opening the gate that led from the porch to the driveway.  Staring back at me were there once was one turkey, not there were three.  I played it cool and greeted them as I tried to make my way to the car.  They greeted back.  Their greeting however seemed menacing and territorial. Along came turkey number four.  Plumes up and ferocious gobbling in what seemed like anger. It was then I realized I was in trouble.  Big trouble!  More gobbling from the first three began.  And the head bopping as if "no you didn't" they exclaimed.  I was backed up to the gate and so I once again stepped through it and locked myself on the porch.  The gate separating me from the angry birds. 

It was then I realized I had my phone so I did what any normal photographer would do if found in my situation.  I shot the birds.  :)
It was somewhat funny the first two or maybe even eight minutes.  But let me tell ya; as soon as it was much longer and the birds had multiplied from three to four to seven the laughter faded.  I was now late to a meeting, wet and bullied cold in a corner.  Whenever I find myself in a situation where I don't know quite what to do I look to my knight in shining armor.  I called him at the church.  No answer.  His cell.  Voicemail.  The house, no answer.  I called each number once again.  Just in case. With Josh out of reach I started looking for ways I could distract the birds that now were following me as I paced the porch.  From the left to the right and back again they kept right in sync with my frazzled steps. 

The car only being 20 or so feet away I though I'd try again.  Only to fail as each bird gobbled like they were starved and I was some sort of heavenly grain they had never seen.  I again closed the gate and it was at this point that I started loosing it.  Just a bit.  Frustrated I thought I'd just stay still and maybe they would loose interest.  Let me tell ya; Turkeys do not have ADD.  Believe it!  They were set on me as a target and going nowhere! 

I thought of just jumping the gate from the porch (in my three inch heels!) but found that the chickens (no, I'm not making this up!) were hiding from the pouring rain just underneath the bushes.  It was a bit of a drop and so I shelved that idea to use only as a last resort scape.  A few minutes later I spotted a large gate right by the grass that was to the right of the porch.  This door led to the driveway but put me behind my car and a little further from it.  I didn't see any other way out. The drop and the main gate out of the question I decided this might be my best exit strategy.  I tiptoed to the end of the porch so that the turkeys didn't hear the sound of my heels.  Once at the gate I opened it only to be shocked at how speedy these birds can be and again startled at how angry their gobbling can sound. 

Frustrated and afraid that my sweet client was probably thinking I was a flake for not showing up on time I did the only thing I felt I could do. I screamed.  What else is a girl to do!  The screams made the turkeys scatter but not for very long.  

Back on the porch again, I had a little pep talk with myself.  You can do it, I said.  You're fast.  You can scream and then run. fast!  You. Can. Do it!!  Building myself up to it I neared the gate, said a prayer and confidently said "okay.  This is it.  I can do this. GO!"  So off I ran.  Screaming and running through the rain.  Through the mud puddles.  Seven or so turkeys following my trail.  Gobble, gobble they yelled.  AGGGGG I yelled back.

Safely in my car again, shaky, wet, frustrated I looked out the window to see their menacing faces.  Gobble, gobble, gobble they yelled.  I used my horn to prove I could be louder.  

A half hour later I found a very sweet, patient client waiting for me and laughing at my turkey story.  

Just a normal day as a Professional Lifestyle Photographer in Tillamook County! :) 


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