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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Sparks Fly {Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer} {Oregon Wedding Photography}

The first time they met, sparks flew.  Literally.  After picking her up from her parent's home to dash her away on his Harley out into the view of the pacific ocean and the setting sun.  Sadly, balance was lost upon leaving her home on the gravel road, but true to character Jason solidly maneuvered them into safety. This the first of many dates.

Only a few days latter he once again whisked her away to the setting sun.  This time enjoying a seafood dinner at the famous Pelican Pub and Brewery.  Talking for hours, holding her hands and finally guiding her to the beach where he built a fire just for her.  Together they watched the waves approach, enjoyed the setting sun in all it's glory.  This moment they recall, is the moment they both realized that although she would be heading to Boston in some short hours this relationship was worth the distance.  Worth the try.

Three years later, full circle, back at the Pelican Pub they pose.  They giggle, they laugh, they hug and you just fall in love with them.  Their love. Their story.  Turns out the long distance relationship was well worth the try.  This the story of their beginning but you ought to ask them to share with you their unique proposal story.  Which is another great story of many that this wonderful, centered, loving couple share.  Now fully ready to say their vows and to take their now beloved Boston by storm as they marry this June 2012 in Portland, Oregon.  The date can't get here fast enough.  I took look forward to it. 

This is for you Jason and Amy or if we are going by their celebrity name Jamy {inside joke ya'll}.  Thank you so much for the time, the coffee, the conversation.  I am looking forward to capturing every moment when together you declare your love for one another among your family and friends.  ~Xiomara

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