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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The ticking of the clock

I sit in my jammies.  A bit worn out but content after spending a full Saturday with my loves.  A walk, painting little toe nails.  Eating cookies.  Lots of eating cookies.  Cuddles on the couch and good conversation around the dinner table.  All days should be like today!

Sadly in 2011 I didn't have many days like this.  Most weeks came and went with me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  From a consult, to a session to a session premier. To hours of editing and saying "I can't ____ hunny.  I have to work" 

Don't get me wrong, I like my job.  I love it in fact.  However many of us in our community have had to come to the sad conclusion that life is not guaranteed.  Tragedy hit our small community too many times than it should last year.  And yet we go.  From thing to thing.  Busy, busy the clock ticks on and we may be missing the important things in life.

I sit at a basketball game and someone asks "have you been busy?".  I run into someone at Starbucks and again, "Are you staying busy?" or "Do you have a busy summer lined up?" I know these questions aren't meant to stir my soul as they do.  But well, they do. 

Is life about being busy.  Or is life about living. 
I have been chewing on what my life should look like for the past three months.  Looking for balance.  Looking to be a better wife, a better mother while still being a better photographer.  I love all the hats I wear.  I love, love, love the interactions I have with clients and in fact many of them have grown to be more like friends than clients.  I find my job rewarding, fulfilling and oh so wonderful for my soul. 

So I trek on.  Trying to find this concept of 'balance' I have come to realize there is no such thing.  Only the ability to prioritize, schedule and manage. So this year is going to look a bit different.  I am going back to limited sessions.  Funny this was supposed to be a part time job as my kids are so young.

Limited sessions is how I began.  It's what worked in the past.  It's what will work once again.  Not just so I can watch movies from the couch with my kiddos but to ensure that each client I encounter gets maximum priority.  After all what I have always prided myself on was the top notch customer service I provide. But let's face it.  When you have so many things on the table nothing gets priority.  So, this year I go back to the beginning.  Back to focus and care for each client.  Back to quality, not quantity.  And back to living life, not just letting me pass me by.  

So.... tell me what you think.  I really wish to know.  How are YOU living your life.  What changes have you been pondering this dark winter?  I'd love to know.  Love to know there are people who want to encourage change, growth and restructuring life all in the hopes of really living instead of assuming the rat race is the norm.  I want to meet and hear from those that are choosing to take control back.  Not letting society dictate what a worthwhile "productive" life ought to be.  Where are you at my friend?  Spinning, going, racing on the treadmill of life or daily choosing to trek your own path?  I'd love to hear your story!


  1. GREAT post! I respect you so very much. I am praying for many blessings as you strive to honor God by honoring your family, and your clients!

    1. Thank you so much Eryn. For your encouragement to make a change and get some help! Such great wisdom and insight you gave and I'm so grateful you spoke up!! :)


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