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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another reason why I love Facebook {Oregon Coast Photographer} {Tillamook Professional Photographer} {Photography in Tillamook}

It began awhile back. A friend invited me to a group of Christian women photographers on facebook:. As I scrolled through the postings on  Pursuit 31 I found women encouraging one another in their dreams, their callings to be mothers, wives, and photographers. When a technique was inquired about, when feedback over a particular image was asked, and even when life situations were too much that someone needed prayer- I was pleasantly surprised that the responses were honestly gracious and filled with oh so much love. I now find myself login into Facebook and immediately going to my Pursuit 31 feed for I have come to love these women not only as photographers but Godly friends!

When I joined the group I was in the midst of some discouraging times both physically and mentally. To put it bluntly I was just exhausted. Working from morning to dusk and seeing no end in sight. I wouldn’t say I was in burnt out mode but I’m sure I was pretty close to it. Since then this group has encouraged me to find some balance in my work. Through their encouragement I have hired an editor who now edits all my photo shoots freeing me to be mom to my children and wife to the love of my life. (In the weeks to come I will be doing a little feature on my wonderful editor who also just happens to be a Pursuit31 girlfriend now!) I also hired Molly. My wonderful assistant that helps with the closing of accounts. She has been so very wonderful for my business and my sanity!

After all the changes I had clarity of mind.  I decided to take some time off to simply be. A time to regroup, reorganize and focus. A full month off. Well, let’s be honest I didn’t make it to the full 30 days off but I tried….. And I did get some much needed rest.
So back to this safe haven that I have found in Facebook of all places: Months after I joined the group the lovely Karen Stott, who is the founder of this ministry, announced she would be holding a Pursuit 31 workshop in Oregon. As soon as registration was opened I signed up not knowing how much this workshop would impact not only my business but also me personally as a woman, with a distinct calling on my life. I have so much to share. So many thoughts. Dreams. And most of all stunning imagery! So I promise to be back by the end of the week with some highlights of our 40’s styled shoot that was held at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Until then I simply want to thank you for following in this journey with me. Applauding the growth and yes, even asking me why I haven’t been blogging lately and where I’ve been (you know who you are!!) So with that I leave with a promise to come back soon and a huge thanks to my Pursuit 31 girlfriends who I love so dearly. God has richly blessed me with you.

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