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Monday, February 27, 2012

WPPI. The highlights.

Vegas.  WPPI.  Where to begin?!! 

This Monday has been a little harder than most Mondays.  Perhaps it's the low after the high.  Or that my brain is on overload after so many {crazy informative} classes.  or it could be that I am missing my roomies and new friends like crazy! 

Simply put, WPPI 2012 was amazing.  So amazing I'm just beat!  The last day in Vegas I felt so overwhelmed with the information I gained and the experiences I had that if I were to be totally honest {you know that's my motto!} I would describe it as such:
emotionally and mentally draining.
 In a good sort of way y'all. :)

I hope to write a little bit more about the whole experience soon.  The things I learned, the people I met and my unique view as a newbie Showiteer and WPPI attendee.  I mainly attended the WPPI Platform classes but my favorite time was spent with a bunch of Showiteers at Photographer's Unite where we squeezed in as many people as we could into a worship hour led by Brian Wurzell and guest speaker Albert Tate.  Man, oh man did he provide just the right words for our industry! 

The last day I attended some Showit United classes.  Let me just end this little WPPI teaser with not a WPPI video but rather a Showit United recap of the happenings at the Vegas MGM grand.  Showit United was put on by a beyond AMAZING web design company: Showit.  Their purpose?  Allowing artists to create unique websites, as unique as our businesses! Hands down- of all the investments I have made to date, joining the Showit community via my {coming soon} new website has been the most rewarding.  And to meet some of the amazing people I am partnering with in Vegas of all places was more than amazing. So, I end with this......

Thank you to Handlebar Studios for this great recap!


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