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Friday, March 9, 2012

WPPI Part three {the final post. Promise!}

There is so much that could be said about WPPI.  Really, it is a week's worth of jam-packed classes.  And then you have me who feels like she invested so much into this so of course I had to 'take advantage' of everything I possibly could.  My schedule was packed.  Monday through Thursday (and yes, I flew out on Thursday but wanted to get one more class right before my flight).  Determination, pain meds and a lot of coffee made this week happen!  :)

I'm not going to go into all of the week because I've tried to write this blog post THREE times now and each time I end up writing a bit of a book so..... instead here are the highlight of the days I scheduled classes. 

On Monday bright and early I got up for my 8am class.  I wanted to arrive one hour early because I had been warned that if I wanted to learn from Jerry Ghionis I needed to be prepared for the masses that would be trying to get in the class as well.  Aaaaaaand they were right.  I was the third to the last person that made it in!  shessh. 
After a little picnic with a few friends my next class was the one I had been most excited about.  Yes, I speak of Jasmine Star.  eeeek!  And thanks to a lovely friend who saved me a seat, I got front and center view AND made my hand numb as I wrote as fast as she spoke! :)

Afterwards a few of us waited to talk a little bit more wedding or simply to give her love.  I gave her much love. Sorry Jasmine.  I promise next time to be more a cool kid! 
 Here's a few of us P31 girls sharing the love! And we extended the love to JD because we know how hard he too works and supports Jasmine's amazing wedding photography dreams!  We each have our own JDs at home who made our trip possible in allowing us time to dig in and focus on our businesses. {Thank you so much Josh!}


 Tuesday was more packed classes.  I loved every.minute.of.them. But the highlight was getting together with some P31 girls. 

P31 has become such a large group and I really didn't get to connect with as many women as I had hoped but I got to connect with my core group of encouragers and I'm thankful for that!  Below are some images I took from the penthouse where the party was hosted. 

What better way to end the night than by meeting my wonderful web designer Juli Story.  Such a sweetheart!  She brought me a little gift!

Wednesday came along and you guessed it.   More classes.  But I also hit the trade show and captured a little bit of the magic there.  Like the Nikon booth full of amazing speaker.  Oh Nikon.  I love you so!

Miller's lab outdid themselves.  Really.  Check out their AMAZING booth!

 Not to mention there amazing new products.  Tell, me what would you think about me offering these frames? 

Thursday was the sad day.  The low that was bound to come.  Saying goodbye to my sweet roommates and to the fun.  But here's to making it happen again next year!

 This was the last picture I took on this trip.  The view of crater lake.  From a bird's perspective.  I hope you have enjoyed going along with me on this journey.  After WPPI I feel rejuvenated and ready for another great photographic season.  And it all is thanks to you for your support.  Thank you!

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