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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writting it all down and then laying it all down

Every morning it's the same routine. Coffee, ipod tunes and once I'm finally awake to consume wisdom I open up God's Word. 

I then set to work on the to do list that normally is full. The phone calls, the emails, the billing, you get the drift. Always with a handy notebook full of lists. My brain on paper. 

This weekend I did my spring cleaning... yes, I am so weird that I actually look forward to this time of year. I spent two full days going through papers, old photographs, books, shelves, and oh the dust! Hidden under the dust was a notebook pad from the year 2000. 

The top read Goals: Long Term/BIG picture and listed in bullet points underneath were five things that I wanted to accomplish in this life. Five things that, were I to die, I would be satisfied with the life I lived. Underneath these five were Goals: Every day/Nitty Gritty and of course knowing me you know that many bullet points followed below that as well. The idea being that these nitty gritty things would help reach the big picture goals. 

This morning as I prepared my heart for what God had to say to me through my Bible this song played. I have a habit of making songs into prayers as they may fit. Today I found that this particular song was God's way of communicating back to me instead of me doing all the talking. These words were actually a well formed question that GOD is asking ME. 

What are you hearing lately? In the midst of goal making, dream weaving or whatever it is that you have going on. Are you placing those things at his feet? Are you holding your hands wide open and raised saying "God take it, whatever you want to do with my life...... It's yours Jesus".

Doing so is so freeing. It brings about joy. peace. rest. Knowing as long as I put him center in the end this will be a life well lived. Be encouraged today to do the same. Write those goals down then lay them down.

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