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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cherish each day.

I've started this post a half dozen times. Seriously. Type. Delete. Get Kleenex. Repeat. Maybe in a different order but still...

This is by far the hardest post to date because really, this could have been a much different post all together.

After Devin's Senior Session in the city I wrote down some thoughts for his blog post.  The adventure in the rain, the "15,000 foot climb" we had him do just to get a great pose and just the fun memories we made along the way.  But then a week ago Monday we were all just amazed that Devin was alive.  So how to write down all the thoughts and emotions that transpired after his shoot.  To be honest with you there were moments there when both his mother and I were thinking that these portraits would be the last pictures she would ever have of him.

We are thankful that once again Devin beat the odds and is here to tell the story.  God used him to remind us all to cherish each day and not take the day for granted.  It's his story to tell so I don't need to get into it here.  Simply know that this young man has one amazing testimony and that God once again was glorified through his life. 

Much love to the Richwine family. ~Xiomara

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