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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My birthday video, my crazy business vision and 'a perfect date on the Oregon Coast' giveaway!

One year older.  One year wiser.  One year knowing just how spoiled and blessed I really am! 
It's so funny living in Tillamook County.  The land of many cows.  ;)  I got this today and couldn't help but laugh thinking to myself.  Wow, I really do live in Tillamook after all!

As I celebrate today I want you to join in my celebration (Read below!!).  For you see I'm celebrating more than just my birthday this month.  This last year brought about a lot of changes to the business and this year I feel like the pieces are all finally coming together.  The changes and the vision I had set all meeting in one happy place!  I'm so beyond excited to reveal the new website.  My designer, Julie Story, has been working so hard to really get a feel for where I am going with the vision and with the first peek at the site I knew she had nailed it!

This week we are tweaking a few things.  It's taken much longer than we both had anticipated but it is full of so many little personal details that it has required a little more time.  I swear I didn't know I was a needy Diva! Julie is so commited to my vision though and keeps pluggin along!  I'm so thankful for her!  We expect the launch to be May 1st. (update:  Mid May)  It will be so worth the wait though!!!

So.... As I celebrate today how can you join in the celebration?  I'm glad you asked! 
Drum roll please!

To celebrate my birthday and the launch of my new website I am gifting an engaged couple a perfect date on the Oregon Coast. 

One happy engaged couple will receive an exclusive, stylised session. Engaged couple will be treated like royalty as they work with makeup and hair stylists then be whisked away to an exclusive two hour shoot.  Following the shoot happy couple will end their perfect day at the Pelican Pub & Brewery to close the night with a perfect coastal view and a delicious meal!

So how does the contest work?  I'm glad you asked!
This isn't a contest to get more likes or more noise on facebook, twitter... you get the drift.  This is simply one way that I can show love and care and CELEBRATE with a madly in love couple.  So it's really simple. 

First you need to be sure that you are available on Friday June 1, 2012.  The perfect date will take place on this day and so if you are not available please do not enter the contest.  If you are fully available (hooray!!) All you need to do is send me an email to with 1) a picture of you and your fiance.  (or the couple you are nominating- feel free to nominate!) 2) a little bit about how you both fell in love AND how your love story is unfolding today and 3) Two reasons you ought to win.  They can be funny or serious- just be honest! :)  All entries must be submitted by Friday May 11th. Winner will be announed Friday May 18th.  Simple right?

So what if you are not engaged?  Well then Mr. you need to propose!! just kidding, just kidding....   Well, then by all means nominate or feel free to share this giveaway with your group of friends! {please and thank you!}

Let the celebration begin!


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