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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A genuine love story {Tillamook Wedding Photographer} {Professional Photographer} {Engagements in Tillamook}

She says her favorite thing about him is his smile.  And his laugh because it's simply contagious.  He says he loves the way that she makes him feel loved.  Always. 

And this is their love story.  A beautiful one that Ty says he knew would be one that would last forever.  For he knew on their first date that this was IT.  As in; she would be his forever. 

They were introduced by a mutual friend.  When Ashley first met Ty though she was a bit turned off by his laughing at all things.  She quickly realized that this was the best thing about him.  The way he laughs, the way he loves.  So big and deeply.  The way he looks at today and tomorrow.... and she just knows this will last forever and to quote her they will "live happily ever after". 
This one is for you dear Ashley and Ty.  It is an honor to share your love story. 

These are some shots I captured during their engagement shoot with Glenese


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