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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The meaning of Imago Dei

One of the questions I get in regards to my business is why "Imago Dei" and what does it even mean?? (aside from how to pronounce it which by the way is: e-ma-go-Day)

I often have been told I should have gone with Xiomara Gard Photography but honestly from the moment Josh and I prayed about it Imago Dei Photography simply fit.  For it means everything I believe in my heart.  Believe with my soul is utterly important to the makeup of people and this world.  Imago Dei is Latin.  It simply means image of God.

Image of God...... that is exactly what I do.  More than 'taking pictures' I believe I capture God's beautifully created people.  People who were made in his likeness and as such are deeply loved.  Deeply treasured.  This is my hope when I pick up my camera.  To capture that fullness.  That love.  That beauty that scripture teaches we are. 

I often times pray for my kids that they would be shielded from lies that they aren't good enough or beautiful enough or _____ fill in the blank really.  There are so many things that I fear people and the world will tell them and so my prayer is that they would believe the truth of what GOD says they are.  Treasured, created beings made in his likeness.  Beautiful because he declared them good.  And if that is enough for this great God to love them then that should be great enough for us all to believe of ourselves and others.

When I leave for a shoot often times Josh will pray over me.  He will pray that God use me to love and minster to people.  He will pray for calmed nerves (Silly me, I still get nervous before each session).  He will pray that God's love will shine through.  And I pray that my clients will be able to see glimpses of who God created them to be. Precious in his sight.  Loved, treasured.  Valued.  Beautiful.


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