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Monday, June 25, 2012

A special beach session

They dedicate their lives to being there for others.  Walking with those that are entrusted to them through joyful times but also times of grief.  Long hours, rarely a Saturday OR Sunday off, long nights.  Hard work in constantly pointing to the good Shepard.  But oh so worth it, each pastor will tell you!  

As the Middleton family ministered in Tillamook they made this place their home.  Made investments into the community, it's youth inside and outside the church they served in.  It is because of this that they touched many lives.  So of course it's hard to say goodbye to their family.  And I don't have to imagine how hard this transition is for them.  Josh and I have lived through this transitional time before.  Saying goodbye to one church and hello to another.  It's a hard calling. But again, one that most pastoral families feel privileged to live.  So with this post I hope that you are reminded to pray for them in this transition time.  (at the end of this post I have a list of helps for you if you don't quite know how to pray for them) but as we pray let's not forget to also rejoice with them for the new and exciting things the Lord is bringing about in their lives.  

Aaron and Steph, these lyrics come to mind as I rejoice with you over the things the Lord is doing in your family's life: 

Go with the wind at your back
And the sun on your face
With a song in your heart
And the promise of grace
Go in peace and in truth 
And let love lead your way
Go with God 
You could specifically pray for:  their girls as they make new friendships and look at their new school.  Pray for Steph as she finds how she fits in the new church and the way they do ministry there.  Pray for Aaron as he bonds with his new team of volunteers and colleagues as well as the new families he will be ministering to.  And let's not forget to pray for the church body that will miss them dearly here. As they go through a transitioning time as well. 


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