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Friday, August 17, 2012

My sweet kansas bunch {Oregon Professional Photography} {Family Beach Portraits}

It's hard to write this post without tearing up.  I could focus on the sad fact that one of my dearest friends lives so far away and how much this I miss having her in my daily life or I could focus on the fact that I got to spend a full week with her and her precious family.  Creating new memories and saturating each single second with happiness and fun.  I chose joy and thankfulness.

Seven days just wasn't enough time though.  After beach trikes, sea shore picnics, the county fair, the air museum, the aquarium, and a ton of good food, our days seemed to bleed together.  The night before they left we made time to visit Pacific City and captured their first beach portraits!  I'm hoping Mario will love these images so much that he will need to make this a by yearly tradition-- at least!! :)

Thanks to my hubby for holding the reflector and joining in my silliness to get these smiling faces!

 Also a huge thanks to him for letting me use his name while I had the kids say things like "Josh has stinky feet".  They loved making fun of him! :)
 Connie and Mario had no idea that when they agreed to family pictures they would be getting couple shots too!  I love this one of Mario loving on Connie.  And her just eating it up!!! Love them so happy together!
 And there is that mischievous look of hers..... watch out Mario!
 I love this following picture.  I think it captures this family so perfect.  Four happy little kids and a pair that has learned to hang onto each other and only that which is important.  Together they hang on for the ride together looking towards the light.  I thank Jesus for you Ramirez family.  Love you all bunches!!! ~Xio


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