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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letting them S H I N E

Every year it sneaks up on me.  The cool breeze begins.  The morning mist is once again upon us and with it I notice a few inches they've grown.  As if they were being watered by the dew, they keep sprouting and changing. Their ways are different.  Hobbies vary. Their new accomplishments fill my memory books.

No longer needing to hold my hand at the store.  Wishing to cross the street on their own.  No longer do I hear "mommy would you help" "what should I wear" or "mommy do my hair".  Or "mommy" at all.  Sigh.

What will come next?  I ask this far more often than I should.  I fear sometimes I am looking too much into the future to enjoy the present.

Today I send them off to a new year.  New adventures.
Growth.  You just can't stop it.
Change.  It keeps coming.
Hard times.  Good times.  It all comes and a mom learns to watch.  And pray.  Pray for great choices made.  Pray for protection.  For opportunities and most of all pray that her children walk in the light.

Instead of tears and mourning a childhood slipping away faster than I had already feared.  Instead of focusing on what they don't do anymore (like cuddles and clinging to my leg).  I choose to lift up my hands towards heaven. Open wide my tight grip.  Lift them up higher. And release.  Release them to my trustworthy maker. Savior.  And let them shine for Him.

Jesse and Naomi, when I first heard these lyrics at midnight, I wanted to get you up from your warm beds and have you listen to the message intently.  For they are my prayers for you both.  That through the boring, the adventures, the dark, the changes and the day to day you will face.  I pray you would let Jesus shine through.  He is there waiting to shine His glory and love through you.  May you allow Him.  More than that, may you grab tight to His hand and enjoy the journey.  I love you so very much sweet kiddos.

This Little Light of Mine from Trevor Sullivan on Vimeo.


  1. "Instead of tears and mourning a childhood slipping away.... I choose to lift up my hands towards heaven. Open wide my tight grip. Lift them up higher. And release. Release them to my trustworthy maker. Savior. And let them shine for Him.".....I can hardly see through my tears as I am so moved by your words.We have 2 kids,sons~19 & 20, and they are leaving home together for the 1st time in just two short weeks. They will be attending Bible school in Europe for the next year. God's words to my "Momma" heart has been "Release & Trust". Your words where yet just another confirmation of my need to "open wide" my hands & trust them to their maker who goes before them.I'm so thankful that this same loving Father will be here with me as they go, bringing comfort & peace. God Bless you for sharing this today...May our children shine for Jesus!

  2. Oh Elaine. My mother's heart beats right along side yours ...... I'm thankful the Lord is walking right beside you and sustaining you with words and encouragement. What a great adventure for your children and how much you {and them} will grow in faith and reliance upon the Lord. I pray this journey leads you all closer to your maker and faithful Father.
    "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13


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